Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pertinent Questions About Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing lost teeth, the advantages of dental implants extend far beyond the stability and comfort of they offer. Supporting your replacement teeth on prosthetic roots improves their function, makes daily hygiene and care more effective, and can even stem the risks of future tooth loss. Since they are designed to mimic… Read more »

Different Paths to Smile Improvement

More people than ever are taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry to achieve their perfect smiles. For our readers and patients seeking to improve their smiles, we offer a wide variety of procedures to optimize your smile improvement. From short in-office visits to correct minor imperfections to multi-visit complete smile makeovers, we’ve got you covered. Some… Read more »

What a Confident Smile Can Do For You

If you aren’t happy with your smile, then the extra effort you go through to hide it can itself prove an inconvenience, and a drag on your overall quality of life. If the reason for your dissatisfaction with your smile lies in an underlying issue like tooth decay or gum disease, then toothaches and gum… Read more »

The Role of Alignment in Your Dental Health

Most people recognize the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy with daily hygiene and regular professional dental care. However, not everyone realizes the role of alignment in their continued good dental health. If you have ever had to wear braces, then you might understand that straight teeth are important, but your smile also relies… Read more »