Monthly Archives: April 2015

What to Expect From Invisalign: Q&A

If you are thinking seriously about improving your smile with Invisalign treatment, you are likely somewhat aware of the major benefits. In addition to enjoying nearly invisible aligner trays that will not disrupt your daily appearance, you can expect improved comfort when compared with traditional braces. However, you may still be curious about what to… Read more »

Test Your TMJ Disorder Knowledge

Have you noticed that your jaw has been making a popping sound when you chew? Perhaps your jaw feels sore and you have been dealing with headaches quite often. Because these types of symptoms associated with TMJ disorder (TMD) can cause you to become both concerned and unsure of where to turn, we encourage you… Read more »

Same-Day Crowns: Dental Quiz

If you just learned you need a crown to improve your oral health, you may be visualizing a long road of dental visits to complete this process. Fortunately, we offer same-day crowns, so you may be able to avoid multiple visits and instead have your crown designed and fitted all within a single appointment. If… Read more »

Are Dentures A Good Choice? Take This Quiz

If you have ever had anyone suggest that complete dentures may replace your missing teeth with exceptional benefits, you may have experienced a mixed reaction. You may first respond with preconceived notions about dentures that simply no longer apply. There may also be a part of you that perks up, feeling interested in discovering a… Read more »

Answering Your Root Canal Questions

Is your tooth infected? Are you suffering from severe tooth decay or a deep crack? All of these concerns are potential reasons we may suggest root canal treatment to improve your oral health. While you may feel unsure about this restorative solution, we would like to reassure you that having the opportunity to receive this… Read more »

Dental Fillings: They Can Save Your Tooth

Dental fillings are common treatments that we perform for patients who are suffering from a cavity. However, just because they are common and something that may not sound exotic to you does not make these restorative procedures any less urgent or necessary. We often find that patients assume tooth decay is something that may improve… Read more »

The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Your teeth and gums are susceptible to a variety of progressive diseases. The good news is that it is often fairly easy to avoid the development of oral diseases when you practice excellent preventive dentistry. The not-so-appealing news is that sometimes things happen anyway. This is particularly true of accidents that result in a broken… Read more »

Bonding or Contouring?: A Quiz

Have you been considering visiting us for cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile but you are afraid you are not sure what to ask for? Perhaps you feel like you should at least have a solid handle on whether you need more tooth tissue – or less – to achieve your smile goals. Fortunately, we… Read more »