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Does Invisalign Offer Health Benefits?

If your smile doesn’t look its best as the result of misalignment, you are probably already excited about the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign treatment. However, did you realize that choosing orthodontic care actually offers patients a list of health benefits, as well? Before you begin making guesses or feeling like this must be too good… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Essential Info

To make things simple, a dental crown is a restorative solution that allows you to avoid a tooth extraction. Why look at this treatment this way? Well, you may need a crown for a variety of reasons, all of which have surpassed the capabilities of other restorative treatments. For example, you may be suffering from… Read more »

Reduce Your Reliance on Restorative Dentistry

There’s no doubt about it – restorative dentistry offers the repairs you need when you need them most. However, we find that most patients would prefer to keep their smiles in excellent condition as often as possible, so they can avoid the need for restorative treatments like root canal therapy and fillings. If you’re one… Read more »

Denture Benefits

Your smile is extremely important in your life. Not only do you express your positive feelings, such as joy with your smile but you also use it every single day to ensure you take in the proper nutrition, which you accomplish through chewing your food. You also use your smile to communicate – part of… Read more »

Major Benefits of Dental Bridges

If you’ve been doing your research into how to replace your missing tooth (or up to three missing teeth in a row) then the chances are good that you have become at least somewhat familiar with bridges. Patients dealing with partial tooth loss know that an open space in a smile can result in significantly… Read more »

Applebee’s FlapJack Fundraiser

Are you a breakfast enthusiast, particularly when there are fluffy pancakes involved? Are you always on the lookout for a way to contribute to your community? If so, you will want to tell your friends and family about this upcoming event. Get ready for some delicious pancakes and syrup!

Want To Avoid Another Root Canal Treatment?

Let’s clear the air by first establishing one important fact: Root canal treatments are comfortable and can help rescue a tooth that may otherwise require a tooth extraction. So, why would you want to avoid this treatment? Well, just because a restorative option is comfortable – which they all are – does not mean you… Read more »

Bark In The Park Night

Do you love baseball? Does your precious pup enjoy watching this all-American sport with you while you sit on the sofa? Ever wished you could bring your trusty four-legged sidekick along with you to see the Quakes in person? Well, your wish just came true with this upcoming event.

Restorative Treatments Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

How familiar are you with restorative dentistry treatments to repair and improve your oral health? You likely have a pretty good understanding of the fact that restorative care can treat you if you damage your tooth through trauma, such as a strong sudden impact. It is also appropriate for problems revolving around disease, such as… Read more »