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Tooth-Colored Filling Quiz

Are you starting to feel a bit worried – or a lot worried – about your upcoming dental filling? What are you feeling so worried about? Is it the level of comfort that you’re concerned with? Perhaps you’re fretting more about the way your smile will look once we have placed your filling. Fortunately, we… Read more »

A Quiz: Inlays, Onlays, Crowns

Patients are often surprised – if not elated – to discover we offer a comprehensive selection of restorative treatments. What’s this mean exactly? To make things simple, it means we can fix your teeth and save your oral health when something goes wrong. For instance, when you are missing some of your tooth tissue and… Read more »

3 Reasons To Choose Implants

First and foremost, if you’re already considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants then you know this treatment is highly beneficial. You may even think that your recognition of the superior stability implants offer is all you ever need to know about them as you make your final decision. While their exceptional security is… Read more »

Bad Breath: Your Questions

It’s important to recognize that everyone deals with bad breath from time to time – if the unpleasant scent goes away after you brush (especially if you’re eating something that smells very strong) then it’s just the food. However, if you notice you’re suffering from halitosis – a serious problem occurring when something isn’t quite… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Q&A

If you have recently found out that you need the placement of a dental crown to improve your oral health and smile, you may find yourself experiencing a two-part reaction. The first part of your response to the news may include happiness and relief – after all, nobody likes dealing with a broken or diseased tooth…. Read more »

Quiz Your Dental Implant Knowledge

Has the appeal of dental implants and their benefits finally caused you to think seriously about completing your smile? The good news is that choosing implants offers a world of exceptional advantages that you can only receive from making this decision. On the other hand, we know that this is a serious choice you are… Read more »

Daily Dental Implant Care

It’s quite easy to become swept away by treatments that seem to address your every concern. When it comes to learning about the advantages of dental implants, for instance, you may find yourself quite wrapped up in how they will improve your smile. However, when you come down from your elation and take a look… Read more »

Cleanings: Preventing Gum Disease

You are probably already well aware that we suggest brushing your teeth every day and scheduling dental cleanings to protect your smile. But do you know what that really means? Sure, caring for your teeth makes up a major facet of maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. However, your gums are equally important. This soft tissue… Read more »

Technology: Convenience and Comfort

The further technology advances, the easier it becomes for us to provide you with improved comfort and convenience. You may notice what looks like a lot of impressive technical equipment in our practice as you look around. From digital X-rays to other types of advanced dental technology, we select instruments and system that offer you… Read more »

What Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Mean?

It might sound like a complicated procedure, but full mouth rehabilitation merely means combining restorative dental treatments to fix or rebuild your smile. Our goal is to not only help you enjoy smiling again, but also to strengthen and fortify your healthy oral tissues and tooth structures, as well. The exact treatments that make up… Read more »