Monthly Archives: October 2015

Restorative Dentistry Refresher

Are you in need of a dental repair? Perhaps you are suffering from tooth loss and are not quite sure how to begin approaching the restoration of your smile. Good news – we offer comprehensive restorative dentistry, which means you can rest easy knowing that we are ready to fix your smile. Whether it’s a damaged… Read more »

Preventive Care: Your Questions

Do you feel quite serious about keeping your smile in excellent condition? Now, how do you feel about professional preventive care? Is this where things become a bit complicated for you? We often find that even patients who are dedicated to keeping their smiles in excellent condition with dental hygiene feel somewhat hesitant to schedule… Read more »

FAQs: Dental Implants And Your Wellbeing

Patients who look into dental implants to replace missing teeth quickly find that they offer a long list of surprising benefits. You will notice that they provide exceptional stability, long-term wear, and that they look beautiful. However, beyond the more apparent advantages exists a variety of ways that implants can actually positively impact your general wellbeing…. Read more »

Teeth Replacement Solutions

When you are seeking ways to improve your smile after tooth loss, it’s easy to feel as though you’re being pulled in many different directions. Part of you may wonder if you really need to replace your teeth, while another part of you feels insistent that you absolutely should complete your smile. Beyond these initial… Read more »

Tips For Preventing Tooth Loss

The idea of losing a permanent tooth is something that sends a shiver down just about anyone’s spine. There are, of course, those instances in which something just happens (such as an accidental trauma). Fortunately, we offer tooth replacement solutions like dental implants. You can rest assured that no matter what, we can help you… Read more »

How Crowns Can Balance Your Bite

Have you been dealing with the negative side effects associated with a poorly balanced bite? Did you realize that even minor problems with the balance of your bite can result in problems like TMJ disorder (jaw joint dysfunction), bruxism (teeth grinding), and accompanying symptoms like headaches and sensitive teeth? Fortunately, dental crowns often restore balance… Read more »

Q&A: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We are commonly faced with the fact that some patients avoid visiting our practice because their smiles need extensive work. We would like to reassure you that visiting us for the care you need is the better choice. While you may assume you’re the only patient in the world with serious dental care needs, think… Read more »

What Can You Accomplish With Veneers?

You may know from looking at celebrities on the covers of magazines that a surefire way to achieve an amazing smile is with veneers. However, if your knowledge ends there, you may not know what to make of this cosmetic treatment. First, allow us to explain the basics: Veneers are extremely thin casings that we… Read more »

Deciding If Implants Are Best For You

Discovering dental implants as a teeth replacement option for your smile is an exciting experience. You find out in a single moment that you can replace both your roots and your visible tooth – and that the stability far surpasses that of any other prosthetic. What you might not be too certain about is whether… Read more »

Your Questions: Protecting Porcelain

Discovering that you can restore or improve the beauty of your smile with porcelain is typically a moment met with excitement. After all, porcelain has a wonderful reputation for its ability to resist stains and to provide exceptional durability. While the benefits of porcelain crowns and veneers are certainly exciting – and even though they are… Read more »