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Porcelain Veneers: True-Or-False Quiz

If you are thinking about selecting porcelain veneers, then you know about the many benefits of this cosmetic treatment. If you have not yet made your decision regarding moving forward with veneers, this might have something to do with your lack of knowledge regarding the procedural details. In many cases, we learn that patients have… Read more »

3 Ways To Whiten That Smile

Are you under the impression that you need teeth whitening to improve the brightness of your smile? As a matter of fact, while whitening is definitely a straight path toward a whiter grin, it is not the only way to erase stains. Rather than spend any more time or energy trying to figure out whether… Read more »

Is Your Tongue Telling You Something?

Of course, your body parts don’t talk directly to you. However, just because they don’t use voices to communicate doesn’t mean you cannot receive important information from them regarding your health. When it comes to your oral health, for instance, you probably have a pretty good idea of what’s going on with your teeth and… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Changes You Can Make

Are you well aware of the fact that cosmetic dentistry allows you to improve the beauty of your smile? Do you know that you can transform the appearance of your grin and that you have multiple treatments available for your needs … but … you’re not quite sure what we offer or what types of… Read more »

Does Your Smile Age You?

As you know, a youthful smile is one full of pristine looking teeth – they are white, bright, free of stains, free of chips, and look generally healthy. If your smile is lacking in any of these areas, it is possible that your grin is causing you to look older than your actual age! Fortunately,… Read more »

A Quiz: Your TMJs

How well do you know your TMJs? Do you even know what this abbreviation stands for? If not, we suggest you begin familiarizing yourself with the terminology and the essential details. To begin, we will give you a hint: A TMJ is one of your two jaw joints. This information can become particularly important if… Read more »

Does Age Make You More Likely to Get Gum Disease?

Young or old, it is vitally important that you maintain a clean and healthy mouth. As you age, however, this necessity becomes more important. With time comes a greater susceptibility to illness, including oral issues like periodontal (gum) disease. Unfortunately, the majority of adults with gum disease are unaware that their condition could be a… Read more »

FAQs About Dental Dilemmas

Do you ever find yourself faced with questions about your smile that don’t have obvious answers? Are you sometimes unsure whether you should be able to do something on your own – or if you require our assistance? In most cases, the safest bet is to give us a call and schedule a dental care… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment Candidacy

Have you become interested in clear braces but you are not sure that this is the right treatment for you? Are you unsure about whether your type of misalignment is something we can address with Invisalign treatment, so you are not sure how to proceed? We always suggest scheduling time to speak with us during… Read more »

Facts About Dentures

Have you learned a great deal about full and partial dentures on your journey to discover the type of teeth replacement that seems to best suit your tooth loss needs? Or, are you just beginning to learn about your options for achieving a complete smile? Attempting to gather all of the details can feel a… Read more »