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Welcome, Month Of April!

If you spend much time online, chances are good that you have noticed the prevalence of recognition months and days. For instance, you may have gotten a bit excited on National Hot Dog Day or posted pics of your pup on National Dog Day. As April approaches, we would like to steer your attention toward… Read more »

2 Suggestions For Fun Dental Hygiene

The last word that comes to mind when you’re thinking about your dental hygiene is probably “fun.” However – believe it or not – it’s certainly possible to make this twice-daily experience enjoyable, rather than something that you dread. And, if you ask us, feeling positive and somewhat excited about brushing and flossing is certainly… Read more »

Prevention: 3 Reasons We Feel So Strongly

Are you wondering why we seem so exceptionally enthusiastic about preventive care? As you learn more about your oral health and potential problems that may arise, you will find that prevention can typically allow you to avoid most concerns. For the particulars, consider a few reasons preventive dentistry is so beneficial.

A Quiz: Chewing Gum

Are you under the impression that chewing gum is always bad for your oral health, so you do your best to avoid it? Perhaps someone once told you that as long as gum is free of sugar, it is always safe, even for individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment. When it comes to gum, we are always… Read more »

Protect Your Smile During Easter

Have you considered the fact that the Easter candy you have been eyeing is definitely not great for your smile, even though it tastes amazing? Are you wondering what to do about keeping your smile healthy even as you celebrate the holiday with friends and family? Whether it’s chocolate, pie, or other pastel-hued goodies full of… Read more »

Q&A: Sleep Apnea

In addition to feeling like you might need sleep apnea treatment for restful sleep, are you also feeling ready to burst with questions about this sleep disorder? If so, schedule a consultation with our practice, so we may assist you in a diagnosis. We will also provide answers that offer you the education you need.

Addressing Functional Disorders

What’s a functional disorder, you may wonder? Well. It’s important to think about dental problems that occur as the result of two primary causes. First, you may suffer from hygiene-related problems. This means that the accumulation of plaque (because you aren’t providing your smile with sufficient care) may lead to issues like decay or infection…. Read more »

Dental Technology Quiz

How familiar do you think you are with the advanced dental technology that we incorporate into your dental care? Are you quite certain about what makes digital X-rays different from conventional X-rays? Do you know why we suggest certain modes of advanced imaging or how exactly we go about showing you an image of your… Read more »

Choose Implants Now – Not Later

Are you thinking that you would like to move ahead with replacing your missing teeth right away, rather than waiting and potentially losing the motivation to do so? We understand that taking everything into consideration, from costs to choices about the best prosthetic for your needs can feel like a whirlwind. Fortunately, when you decide… Read more »

3 Ways You Sabotage Your Smile

If you think long and hard about your smile, you may find that you disregard the importance of your oral health or you hesitate to schedule treatments that will help you feel good about your smile’s appearance. You may also commonly forget to practice the comprehensive preventive care your teeth and gums need. Fortunately, once you become familiar with… Read more »