Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Ways Your Phone Protects Your Smile

Did you know that your cell phone can protect your oral health? It’s true! No, it does not come with a special attachment that will physically clean your teeth. However, this advanced piece of technology that you generally have with you at all times is quite the surprising multi-tasker. In addition to keeping you connected… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: You May Need An Alternative

Perhaps you have been planning on coming in to see us to discuss cosmetic care, such as teeth whitening or veneers for your smile. What you may not have considered, however, is that we may determine that you are not a candidate at the moment (but you will be in the future). Or, the treatment… Read more »

Dental Care: Questions About Age

You may have questions about age as it relates to your dental care. Unfortunately, if you have been a bit too shy to ask about this topic during your visits with us, you may still be wondering. As always, we suggest that you ask your questions during visits – seeking out information on the Internet may… Read more »

Toothaches: What To Do?

Are you sitting at home, fretting about your oral health because your tooth hurts? While you might not want to deal with your discomfort, a toothache is often a sign that something in your mouth requires immediate care. As you probably know, sometimes a toothache will come and go because nothing is wrong at all!… Read more »

Tips: Spice Up Your Dental Hygiene

Are you feeling sort of tired with your oh-so-blah dental hygiene sessions? While cleaning plaque and debris off of your teeth might not be a very exotic or exciting notion, the experience doesn’t have to be boring. Consider a few tips that will help you see teeth brushing (and flossing, of course) in a whole… Read more »

The Cost Of Implants

Are you taking some time to give serious thought to completing your smile with implants? In many instances, the only factor holding patients back is the need to become more familiar with the cost of dental implants. The cost, of course, includes not only the amount one invests in the tooth replacement treatment but also… Read more »

Q&A: Is Invisalign Always Necessary?

In some cases, you may take a look at your smile in the mirror, feel unhappy about a gap between two teeth, and then wonder if you really need Invisalign treatment. Surely very minor issues do not require comprehensive orthodontic treatment to get your smile to look a bit more uniform, right? You are correct…. Read more »

Quiz: How Medication Affects Your Smile

Perhaps you have noticed that we like to discuss your health history and current health status with you when you visit us for a preventive appointment. While it’s important for the safety of your care (and potential future procedures) that we know about your health and any medication you are on, you may be surprised… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Care Costs

When it comes to dental care costs, patients often focus primarily on what their insurance covers, potential financing options, and the actual costs of each treatment. What patients commonly overlook regarding keeping their smiles healthy, the worthwhileness of treatments, and keeping their budgets in good order is the fact that many more factors play a… Read more »

Quiz: Invisalign Treatment Times

How familiar are you with Invisalign treatment? Is this something you have been thinking about pursuing to improve your smile as the result of misalignment? If so, you may find yourself feeling like many patients who love the idea of clear aligner trays but wonder about the particulars of treatment time. Is it going to… Read more »