Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why Food Doesn’t Taste Right

There are few things more frustrating than biting into something that you love to eat only to realize you can barely taste it – or it tastes far different than it usually does. You may find yourself in a bit of a frenzy, wondering if it’s bad ingredients or … the least enjoyable conclusion …… Read more »

3 Ways To Remember To Brush Your Teeth

Do you find that though you mean well, you have a tendency to miss your brushing sessions, either once (or twice) daily? If so, you know that this can lead to serious problems for your oral health, such as the development of cavities or issues with your gum health. Fortunately, we are prepared to provide you… Read more »

3 Ways Mouthwash Helps Your Smile

Have you been thinking about a time when using mouthwash was a regular part of your dental hygiene routine? Perhaps you enjoyed using it but you aren’t really sure if it offered much of a benefit (or if it was just something that made you feel like your mouth was extra clean). Good news! Mouthwash… Read more »

Water: When Is It Good, When Is It Bad?

Have you made incorrect assumptions or believed rumors about oral health before? As a result, are you worried that though water seems pure and safe, maybe there’s something about it you should know? The good news is that in general, water is considered good for your mouth. However, rather than allow you to miss out on… Read more »

Dental Visits: 2 Excuses To Toss Aside

If anyone is good at making up an excuse to get out of something, it’s the dental patient! If you have ever come up with a reason you simply cannot come in for dental care, you know what we’re talking about. The good news is that you are quite creative. The not-so-wonderful news is that… Read more »

3 Things To Add To Your Hygiene Arsenal

Do you find that the dental hygiene aisle seems to offer a variety of interesting things that you’ve never even heard of before? Perhaps you would like to branch out a bit and add some new products to your arsenal but you aren’t really sure where to begin. Rather that grabbing anything that looks different,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Stop Procrastinating

Some of us are more prone to procrastination than others. For instance, you may be the type of person who places your mail on a table, letting it stack up for several days before looking through it. Or, you may be the type of person who opens it immediately, throws out the junk mail, and… Read more »

Why Is Plaque Removal So Important?

When you speak with any dental professional about protecting your oral health, one of the key factors you will learn about is plaque removal. You should be removing plaque at home with daily brushing and flossing sessions. You should also be visiting us for an appointment every six months for the purpose of an exam and… Read more »

Whip Your Smile Into Shape

Do you feel like your dental hygiene is all over the place? Have you been forgetting to schedule your visits with us, leaving you feeling quite anxious about the state of your smile? Fortunately whipping your smile into shape is actually fairly simple – even if you feel like you haven’t been on track for… Read more »