Monthly Archives: September 2016

Don’t Let Whitening Lies Convince You

Were you oh-so-excited at the prospect of receiving teeth whitening until someone started telling you a bunch of negative things about it? Did you decide that since you trust the source, the details you were hearing must be true? Perhaps you did a little research online and didn’t like the results that came up. Here’s… Read more »

Dental Contouring: The 5 W’s

Is there something about the shape, dimensions, or otherwise about your teeth that makes you feel less than satisfied with the overall appearance of your entire smile? If you answer, “yes” then it is quite possible that you have been delving into the world of dental contouring. Curious about whether it’s something that might provide… Read more »

Pumpkin Spice And Everything…Nice?

As we find autumn in full swing, we are immediately inundated with the appearance of pumpkin spice everything. For those who love this seasonal favorite, you’ll quickly notice that you can’t seem to turn a corner without finding yet another option for indulging in this sweet, cozy delicacy! However, you might find yourself wondering if… Read more »

Are You Making Smile Care Too Complicated?

Do you ever think to yourself that maybe you’re making things much too complicated for your oral health? Do you look around at friends and family and wonder if they’re going through what feels like an extremely complex system to keep their smiles healthy? If you can relate to these questions, it might be time… Read more »

Dental Hygiene For Visitors: Your Guide

Are you someone who likes to make others feel comfortable and at home when they come to visit you? Have you recently started thinking in greater detail about the way you might improve your efforts in hosting those you care about? Well, if we have anything to say about it, you just might consider improving… Read more »

Can I Avoid An Emergency With Prevention?

When you think about dental emergencies, you might usually think about the most extreme accidents possible. While out-of-the-blue and unexpected traumas often occur, there is also a long list of culprits that you can, in fact, prevent. Allow us to explain the ways you can keep preventive care on your side, so your smile stays… Read more »

Bad Bite Quiz

If your teeth seem to fit together poorly, awkwardly, or uncomfortably when you bite down, you might think that this is just what nature gave you. However, it’s important to understand that an unbalanced bite can actually lead to some serious consequences. Before you assume addressing balance issues is strictly cosmetic, we encourage you to… Read more »

Q&A: Costs And Cost-Effectiveness In Dental Care

Do you ever find yourself thinking long and hard about your dental care and associated costs? Maybe you wonder how you will be able to afford the care you want or need. Perhaps you are wondering about whether something that seems expensive is actually more cost-effective than you initially thought. While there are a lot… Read more »

Q&A: About Taste

Do you find that you occasionally spend a bit of time daydreaming, wondering about your taste buds, what comes into play regarding your ability to taste foods, and more? If so, we suggest you bring up these interesting thoughts during your visits with our team. We are always glad to explain the anatomy of your… Read more »

Flu Season Tips From Your Friendly Dentist

It’s still nice and warm out, so the thought of dipping temperatures (and reaching for tissues and warm drinks) is still far out of sight. However, we’re approaching the season known not only for sitting by the fire and picking out pumpkins but also for the flu and other unwelcome visitors. To protect yourself and… Read more »