Monthly Archives: December 2016

My Teeth Hurt Too Much To Eat!

So, you find yourself dealing with some significant discomfort. It’s so serious, in fact, that it seems that you cannot successfully eat without pain and with some intense frustration. The first thing that you need to recognize is that this is not something that happens to everyone (or that you may overlook or try to… Read more »

Happy Holidays From Our Team To You!

The holiday weekend is quickly inching its way toward us, which means you are likely in the final flurry of gift wrap, shopping lists, finalizing plans, and then some! We would like to take this moment (now that we have your attention for a few seconds!) to wish you and yours a very happy holiday…. Read more »

Tips For Removing Plaque

You probably know the basics when it comes to removing plaque from your smile to protect your oral health. Brushing, flossing, and visits with us are all important. However, if you’re not getting the right combinations of the aforementioned preventive measures, you might be leaving plaque behind on your teeth (which will transform quickly into… Read more »

Your Smile: A 2016 Progress Report

We would like to help you gain a broad view of how your smile care went throughout the year of 2016 with a progress report of sorts! Figure out whether you did an excellent job, if everything was just satisfactory, or if your dental care needs some work!

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Healthy, Lovely Smile

Have your friends and family been asking you what you want for the holidays? Do you instantly flip through your mental files, reflecting on the variety of gifts you would love to receive and then you realize something: You really want a prettier or healthier smile! Since this is generally the type of gift you… Read more »