Monthly Archives: January 2017

Quiz: After Your Dental Filling

You may not be too worried about coming in for a dental filling, which is a wonderful thing! The treatment we suggest for you to address tooth decay will essentially save your decaying tooth, while protecting the long-term health of your mouth. What you may feel a bit uneasy about, however, is the fact that… Read more »

Cool Stuff About Your Teeth

Do you ever feel like you’re not giving your smile enough credit? You spend a lot of time motivating yourself to brush and to floss and to come see us but you often forget just how powerful your teeth are (and the fact that dental hygiene and general maintenance really aren’t so complex or time consuming). To… Read more »

Q&A: CEREC Same Day Crowns

You might have heard about CEREC same day crowns from a friend or family member (or from our own dental practice), which sent you down a path that became more and more rife with questions. While the general idea of a crown within one visit sounds wonderful, you may find that your skepticism gets the… Read more »

Flossing Tips For Floss Haters!

So, you really, really don’t like flossing your teeth? However, you know that you should floss your teeth because it can mean the difference between a healthy smile and one that experiences problems like tooth decay as well as gum disease. What to do? As dental professionals, we have certainly heard the floss-related woes and lamentations… Read more »