Monthly Archives: March 2017

Stress: 3 Smile-Related Suggestions

Did you know that dealing with unmanaged stress can actually negatively affect your dental health? Do you have any idea how serious this can become? Unfortunately, if you allow anxiety and tension to overwhelm your life, it can actually lead to injury to your teeth, gums, and more! Let’s explore the topic, so you can… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Springtime Q&A

The flowers are blooming, the tufts of pollen are floating through the air, and you just might be dealing with headaches, sinus pressure, and many other joys of: You guessed it … spring! True, there are some lovely aspects of this changing of the seasons. However, there are also some potential downsides if you’re someone… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Q&A

What you might already know about oral cancer screenings is that we include them in your dental checkups when you come in for preventive care. After that detail, however, you might feel like you don’t know a whole lot regarding the specifics or the benefits. We would be happy to help fill you in with… Read more »

Congestion And Dental Problems: Q&A

As you may have recognized at different points in your life, congestion often comes with some frustration as it relates to your oral health. One moment, your teeth feel perfectly normal. The next, you’re blowing your nose in an effort to ease not only the pressure of congestion in your head but also the discomfort… Read more »