Oral Cancer: Q&A

What you might already know about oral cancer screenings is that we include them in your dental checkups when you come in for preventive care. After that detail, however, you might feel like you don’t know a whole lot regarding the specifics or the benefits. We would be happy to help fill you in with our brief yet informative Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is an oral cancer screening going to be a very involved or uncomfortable experience?

Answer: It’s quick, comfortable, easy, and effective.

Question: Why is it so significant for me to come in for oral cancer screenings, when I can just monitor my oral health on my own at home?

Answer: It’s very important to come in because you cannot actually monitor your oral health at home. Yes, if something goes very wrong or a symptom occurs you will notice it. However, the earliest stage of disease typically happens without signs or symptoms that you can detect. We can find them with a screening and begin treatment before disease advances.

Question: Is there anything I can do to help decrease my risk of oral cancer?

Answer: Yes! First, we encourage you to avoid smoking (and using smokeless tobacco), which can increase your chance of developing the disease. You may also be happy to learn that if you’re consuming four or more cups of coffee every day (or drinking green tea), this may offer some preventive benefits. Remember to sip carefully, however, since these drinks stain and lead to acid erosion.

Protect Yourself Against Oral Cancer With Checkups

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