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Bathroom Tips For Your Brush

You might think that as long as you’re rinsing your toothbrush after you brush your teeth (twice a day) that you’re in the clear! You’re purchasing the brush that we suggest, which means it has soft bristles as is accepted by the American Dental Association, so what more could you be doing for effective dental… Read more »

A Few Common Questions About Tooth Sensitivity

When tooth sensitivity hits, you know it. How do you know? Well, because your tooth that usually simply sits in place and does its job is suddenly impacted with a brand new and very displeasing feeling. You probably don’t yell out, “Ouch!” but you definitely think to yourself, “Well, that didn’t feel very good.” While… Read more »

Dental Crown In A Single Visit

When the surface of a tooth is weakened by decay, injury, or a root canal treatment, the healthy remainder of the tooth may be left vulnerable. A dental crown acts as a permanent helmet protecting what remains of the tooth. Traditionally, a dental crown was manufactured at a specialized lab. Your dentist would take an… Read more »

Plaque: Easy To Overlook Hiding Places

As you know, you might think you’re doing quite an exceptional job with your dental hygiene. However, this is something you just think but not something you really know. Are you getting all of the plaque off of your smile? Or, are you just assuming you’re completing a thorough job? The good news is that… Read more »