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What To Wear To Your Visit

Regardless of the particular reason you’re coming in to see us for a dental visit, you may be surprised as you look through your closet that you’re not entirely certain how to proceed. Should you wear your best dress? A tux? Your sweats? How does one decide how to dress for a dental experience? The… Read more »

Sick Of Chips? Try These Tips.

If you’ve ended up with a single chip on your tooth and we have fixed it with cosmetic care, then things are great! Then again, if this has happened and you have experienced additional tooth chips, then you might not be feeling so chipper (pardon the pun) after all! Fortunately, you are not going to… Read more »

Fluorosis: A Children’s Dentistry FAQs Session

When part of your daily life is caring for your children’s smiles, you know that the details are not going to be identical to the needs of your smile. For instance, you’ve already got all of your permanent teeth! Your kids, however, are going through the exciting phases of developing baby teeth, losing them, and… Read more »