Monthly Archives: November 2017

2 Skin Tips For Winter

When wintertime comes around, whether we’re enjoying warmer temps or frigid ones, there’s one thing that is fairly certain: You’ll probably experience some dry skin. This is very frustrating! What’s more is that you may not notice the fact that some of your dryness and discomfort is tangled up in your oral health care! So,… Read more »

Test: Know Your Toothbrush Tips!

When you’re caring for your smile and you’ve got your dental hygiene technique down pat, you know you’re physically going through the essential motions required of a healthy smile. However, did you ever stop to think about how improper products might inhibit the results of that hard work you’re doing? When you brush your teeth,… Read more »

Toothaches: Time For A Visit?

There’s nothing exactly like a toothache to interrupt your day, cause you some confusion, and then force you to make a decision: To call the dentist or not? Of course, it’s always okay to call us if you are unsure about a potential problem with your oral health. However, we understand that you may be… Read more »

Let’s Talk … 2018!

Yes, we are really talking about the upcoming year. Yes, we know that you have about a million things to do for this current year and that thinking about anything else isn’t even on your radar right now! Trust us, we understand. We also know that if we don’t speak up about the dental care… Read more »