Monthly Archives: February 2018

What Does General Care Include?

You know that learning we offer general dentistry for your smile means that you can rely on us to help you out with all of the basics you need for optimal oral health. However, if someone were to ask you to break down those details and to explain how they all work to guide your… Read more »

Invisalign: Deciding Whether You’re Ready

It’s not necessarily about whether you like the idea of a straighter smile or if you think Invisalign treatment will work well for your grin. Sometimes, it can just feel difficult to know whether you’re ready to move forward or not. Choosing to align your smile isn’t a tiny decision. To the contrary, it can… Read more »

Toothpaste: How Much Is Just Right?

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re planning out your dental hygiene, shopping for products, and getting yourself ready to brush and floss. One thing you may suddenly notice is that you don’t actually know how much toothpaste you should use (or how much your children should use). Is this all… Read more »

Is Prevention Worth The Money?

You might start adding up the money that you’re going to spend on your preventive care and wonder if you can’t just avoid it altogether. You’d be able to take that money to do something else, which sounds like an enjoyable possibility you may not have considered before. While we understand this sudden idea, we… Read more »