Monthly Archives: May 2018

Are You In Pain Because Of A Teeth Grinding Habit?

When you already have a busy schedule ahead of you, lingering aches and pains can be an unwelcome intrusion. Of course, there is never really a right time to deal with problems like headaches, jaw pain and stiffness, or dental sensitivity. You might not realize it, but the reason for your frequent feelings of discomfort… Read more »

The Flossing Questions You Need Answered

There are some flossing questions that are easier to figure out on your own than others. For instance, with trial and error, you can figure out for yourself which floss works best for you (and which tastes and feels the best, too). However, there are some other aspects of your dental hygiene that you may… Read more »

Dental Care: Am I Too Old To…?

You may find as you think about your smile and dental care that many of the things you would like to accomplish seem out of reach. You may feel this way because you assume you’re too old and, as a result, you simply “missed the boat” and now will have to just settle with your… Read more »

How Do You Treat Cavities?

When we see a patient with a cavity, we can offer treatment to return the tooth to full function and health. But will the restoration blend with the smile? You’ll be happy to learn we can provide lifelike fillings using a metal-free tooth-colored material.