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What Happens If I Use Too Much Force When I Brush My Teeth?

There are some obvious issues to avoid when it comes to your daily dental care. Forgetting to brush your teeth, or rushing through the task, can leave your teeth poorly served, which makes you more likely to need restorative dental care in the future. What you also need to address is a problem with brushing… Read more »

When Teeth Don’t Seem To Fit Together

We often see patients who feel their teeth don’t fit together properly. What to think of this, you wonder? Should your bite balance always feel perfect, as though your top and bottom teeth were molded and shaped perfectly for them to fit together just right? The answer from a dental perspective is yes. It promotes… Read more »

Why Address Tiny Esthetic Issues?

There are those issues that can affect the way your smile looks that are extremely obvious and that qualify as “big” problems. Then, of course, there are those not-so-huge issues that are so little, you almost wonder if they’re even worth worrying about. As a matter of fact, may patients who end up following through… Read more »

Dental Work: Why You Need To Keep It Pristine

You may think that your dental work, such as a prosthetic to replace teeth or a dental crown, is going to just stay put for life. Even if it becomes a little banged up, you figure, it’s nothing to really worry about, right? Well, not exactly! Just like it’s very important you keep your teeth… Read more »