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Your Infected Tooth: 4 Things To Remember

When it comes to dental infections, one thing most patients know without question is that they don’t want one. However, when we delve a bit deeper into the details regarding how to determine whether you have one, what it might mean for your oral health, how to make an existing infection go away (and what… Read more »

Gum Recession: Who Cares?

You hear that you should really be careful to avoid gum recession. Then, if it happens to you, you’re told to stop everything and completely review your approach because this is bad news for your oral health! Of course, being the dedicated dental patient that you are, you have no problem with this! However, you… Read more »

Your Dentist Says: Don’t Forget Your Jaws

When you think of oral health, is tooth brushing the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe flossing? Preventive care like checkups and cleanings? All those things are right on the mark, but there are other oral structures that need to be working correctly for comfortable chewing and pain-free days and nights. If you have… Read more »

Nuts: Eat Them? Avoid Them? Or What?

You hear lots of information about adding nuts to your diet, which causes you to wonder whether they really are classified as one of nature’s superfoods or if they are something you should really avoid at all costs. The truth is, like many foods and things in life, the answer is a multifaceted one! In… Read more »