Your Soda Session: It’s Terrible For Your Smile

What you would probably love to hear is that soda is safe for your smile health and that you can fill up a nice tall ice-filled glass, crack open a can, pop the top off of a bottle, and gulp away! However, the truth is that when the topic is soda, no matter how you take this beverage, it’s always going to be extremely dangerous for your smile. To help you wrap your mind around this, our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team offers helpful explanations and advice!

Regular Soda Contains Sugar

Guess what? Regular soda contains sugar. Already knew this? Well, this is just one of the reasons that reaching for a regular soda (meaning, it’s not diet) is bad for your smile health. We want you to keep in mind that soda is not just something contains sugar but that is packed full of it! So, if you’ve been doing your best to protect your oral health against the formation of problems like tooth decay, which will then require fillings, then you may wish to cut back on or cut out soda altogether to keep your teeth healthy. (Hint: There’s more to consider!).

All Soda Is Acidic

It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking regular soda that has sugar or diet soda that has artificial sweetener. Whatever your soda is composed of, it’s a beverage that is highly acidic. Adding sugar to it just makes things that are already bad for your smile health much worse. So, what’s the problem with an acidic drink, you ask? Well, it basically slowly eats the protective outer layer of your teeth away. This layer is called enamel, it’s very hard, but it may also become eroded from exposure to acid. Drinks sodas daily and you’re not in for good times ahead with your oral health!

Erosion Leads To Multiple Problems

Now, you wonder, so who cares about acid erosion? As long as you brush and floss, you’ll be fine, right? Well, actually, even if you brush and floss twice a day, if your teeth are exposed to acids between these smile health sessions, then you may still be at risk. In addition, we remind you the reason erosion is such a problem is the fact that it can lead to uncomfortable sensitivity, as well as an increased likelihood of tooth decay, and even the weakening of teeth that leaves them more susceptible to breaking!

Make Smart Choices For Your Smile

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