Dental Care You Can Receive ASAP 

You might think that no matter what, when you need dental care, it’s something that’s going to take a long time to plan out and then once you see us, it will be yet another long-term chapter until you can see the results your smile requires! However, when you become a patient of our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team, this just isn’t the case! Instead, receiving your smile care from us means that when you need something and you need it now, we offer the advanced treatments and solutions that will let you act on that urgency, as you maintain a lovely, healthy smile! Learn more!

Emergency Dental Visits

One second, you don’t need dental care. The next? You need it more than you need anything and you need it right away! Not to worry: You aren’t going to have to just hold on tight and deal with a problem like a cracked tooth, serious pain, or otherwise as you let the days pass until a regularly scheduled visit. Instead, you can contact us immediately to set up an emergency dental visit! Remember: We are well aware that smile care is not something that is always required when it’s extra convenient. Sometimes, you require it when it’s completely out of the blue and extra inconvenient! By offering emergency care, we do our best to ensure you can keep your oral health safe 24/7!

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Guess what? When you need a dental crown, you’re not going to be looking at several weeks worth of visits and dental care. Perhaps that is how it’s been for you in the past, when you’ve had to receive a lab-made crown from a different practice. However, when you visit our team for serious restorative care and you require a crown, we are pleased to remind you that we offer CEREC crowns. These are also called same-day crowns. Why? Well, because when you come in, we can gather the images required to make your crown, we will create it at our practice, and then we will place it. Permanently! This all happens in just one day.

In-Office Whitening

Again, you may have it in your mind that in order to receive teeth whitening, you’re going to have to whiten at home for two weeks. You are, of course, welcome to whiten in the comfort of your home. Or, you can come in for an in-office whitening treatment that takes only one quick appointment! How’s that for quick and highly effective dental care?

Receive Quick Care When You Need It

When you’re ready for care and you’re ready for it right now, remember that our friendly team offers options to assist you! Let us know when you need of any type of care, from cosmetic to emergency, by calling us. Schedule a visit with your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist today by calling Stadium Dental and Orthodontics at (909) 476-9678. We proudly welcome patients from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the surrounding communities.