Tips For Maintaining Clear Invisalign Trays! 

When you receive Invisalign treatment trays, you’re not getting clear trays to help align your smile just for fun! Instead, of the major benefits and reasons you follow through with this treatment has to do with the fact that because they are clear, they are nearly impossible to see. So, you know that you’re guiding your smile toward alignment with the help of our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team. However, those around you aren’t receiving a loud-and-clear memo of this fact. Of course, you’d also like to keep it that way! If you’re curious about how to ensure that happens, we can most certainly help.

Skip The Cigarettes

Remember that smoking is going to present you with a no-win situation if you are wearing Invisalign treatment trays. You may smoke and then brush your teeth and place Invisalign trays back in, if necessary. However, two things are absolutely true: If you smoke while you wear your trays, they will become stained and likely damaged, as well. If you smoke and then immediately place trays back in place, they may become stained.

Avoid Anything But Water (When Wearing)

If you must drink something while you are wearing your Invisalign treatment trays, then it’s okay if it is lukewarm or cool water. However, hot water may warp the trays. As for any other beverage, it will likely include sugars (which can lead to tooth decay as they rest in your trays), acids (which can damage your trays and again, damage your smile), or pigments, which will most certainly stain your trays. With that said, to keep trays clear and your smile safe, avoid drinking with them!

Don’t Eat During Wear

We know: This isn’t news to you. However, it’s easy to cheat a bit here and there until you realize you’ve been eating quite a lot with your Invisalign treatment trays in, that your trays are stained, and that they’re damaged, too! To keep your trays just as clear as can be (and effective, of course), avoid eating with them in place.

Don’t Place Trays Over Dirty Teeth

It’s never going to be to your benefit to place your trays over teeth that have not been brushed or rinsed. If your teeth are covered in plaque or if you have just consumed food or a beverage, those particles will be pressed against the trays (and your smile). Keep this in mind! Keep trays clean for clear, beneficial results.

Follow Simple Suggestions For Clear Trays

Remember to simply follow our suggestions for your Invisalign treatment if you want to maintain trays that are effective, that remain clear and beautiful, and that guide you toward the smile you’re dreaming of! Schedule a visit with your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist today by calling Stadium Dental and Orthodontics at (909) 476-9678. We proudly welcome patients from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the surrounding communities.