TMJ Disorder: Stuff You Completely Overlook!

When you think about your TMJ disorder and where it came from (and what might make it worse), there are some things that you can easily come up with in terms of culprits. You know that you shouldn’t be using all of your might to carry things with your teeth or to break things apart. However, our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team knows quite well that there are often many factors patients don’t even consider because, well, it’s the type of thing you easily come up with if you’re a dental professional (but that you won’t necessarily recognize if you’re not). We’d love to share them, of course!

A Misaligned Smile Is A Huge Factor!

If you have TMJ disorder, then you may assume it must just be something that runs in your family or that you ended up with an injury somewhere along the way. While there may be truth to these factors, it’s important to also take your alignment into consideration. Patients frequently fail to recognize that a misaligned grin, whether the issue is serious or minor, can lead to the development of jaw joint problems. This is because as things are meant to be, your teeth should fit together. This makes chewing, speaking, and more very simple for your TMJs. However, when teeth don’t fit properly, you may go through some unique motions in order to use your smile, which can cause stress to your joints. Align teeth with Invisalign for improvement!

Your Thoughts Are Translating Into Tension

You may forget that when you are quite tense, thinking a lot at once, you’re overthinking things, or stress is really starting to have a serious impact on the things that are going through your head, they don’t always remain just in your mind alone! Instead, thoughts are often translated into tension or manifested as a problem like TMJ disorder. Why is this the case? Well, you may grind your teeth or clench them due to tense thoughts. You may release stress by tightening your muscles. So, remember that addressing such issues (hint: like bruxism) with our team is to your benefit!

Your Frequent Snacking Is Causing Issues

Don’t forget that one of the big problems associated with a tired or damaged jaw joint is pushing it to do too much work. If you snack once throughout the day, then this isn’t a ton of extra work. Imagine, though, that you snack frequently. Simply be mindful of this factor as you plan out your daily nutrition, and until you have your TMJ disorder sorted out.

Receive TMJ Care From Us!

Don’t assume you’re out of luck because you guess that there’s no treatment for TMJ disorder. Come in, instead, as you quickly learn that we can provide you with effective oral appliance therapy for improvement! Schedule a visit with your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist today by calling Stadium Dental and Orthodontics at (909) 476-9678. We proudly welcome patients from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the surrounding communities.