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Invisalign On Halloween: 3 Things To Remember

Guess what? Halloween is definitely fun. You know this. It can even be a day that you thoroughly enjoy without completely destroying your smile or the Invisalign treatment you’ve been so dedicatedly working your way through on a daily basis. This, you might not have known. So, you’re in luck! If you had any fears,… Read more »

TMJ Improvements: Let Us Handle Those, Please!

Some patients discover that they are dealing with TMJ problems only when they come in for dental checkups with our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team (symptoms may occasionally prove somewhat silent or a bit confusing!). Others can recognize that they are having trouble with their jaw joints, simply by paying attention to obvious symptoms that do… Read more »

Helpful Tips For Trick-Or-Treat Smile Safety! 

The idea of trick-or-treating is something that probably puts a smile on your face because it definitely puts smiles on your kids’ faces! What’s more amazing than knowing you get to walk around, ring doorbells, look amazing in your costume, say nothing more than trick or treat, and have candy handed to you? Well, making… Read more »