Prevent Tooth Loss With A Root Canal

If you develop an infected tooth, this could mean serious discomfort and unless addressed, the potential loss of your tooth! To avoid tooth loss and help protect your smile, we may suggest an endodontic treatment known as root canal therapy. In today’s blog, your Rancho Cucamonga, CA, dentist explains the benefits of a root canal.

The Dangers of a Dental Infection

At the center of our tooth, surrounded by dentin and protected by the outer enamel, sits the pulp. A collection of living tissues, the pulp keeps your tooth healthy and functional, overseeing the flow of blood and nutrients to and from your tooth. However, when bacteria come into contact with the pulp, the tooth becomes infected and unless treated, this could cause the tooth to essentially die and require extraction to prevent the spread of infection. The tooth could also become infected as a result of a crack or chip, exposing the pulp, or due to an advanced cavity that eventually reaches the inner pulp.

Treatment with Root Canal Therapy

To prevent the loss of your tooth, we will perform a root canal procedure. If you notice your tooth aches, feels sensitive, or experiences pain when you chew, then let us know. Other warning signs may include swelling near the tooth or a discharge from it, as well as headaches. After we administer a local anesthetic, our team will open the tooth to access and remove the infected tissues. Next, we clean the inside of the tooth and place a special restorative filling material. The final step involves covering the tooth with a crown, which is designed to look natural and blend with your smile.

Keeping Your Smile Safe

To help lower the chances of a tooth becoming infected, we suggest brushing and flossing daily to remove the food particles that could feed bacteria, causing plaque buildup and eventually, a painful cavity. You should also take care to prevent injury, such as wearing a mouthguard when you play sports. If you do need to see us for care, know that we take your health and safety seriously. We’ve implemented a number of new protocols, including PPE for our team members, ensuring you don’t share the waiting room, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in between each visit. If you have any questions, then contact our team today!

Do You Have Any Questions About Restorative Dentistry?

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