How Do Dental Implants Replicate Tooth Roots?

dental implantsBridges need crowns to stay in place, while dentures may need metal clasps or suction to remain in place. While effective, they do need replacement as the jaw ridge changes shape, usually once every ten years. But with dental implants, we have a prosthetic held in place with a titanium root, enabling them to last for decades! In today’s blog, your Rancho Cucamonga, CA, dentist will look at implant dentistry.

Placing Biocompatible Titanium Posts

The implant portion is similar in appearance to a screw. But is made from titanium. We refer to titanium as biocompatible due to the material’s ability to bond with the bone tissue and be accepted by the body as natural. After we examine your smile and assess the strength of your jawbone, we will employ advanced technology to guide the placement of the new implant post. Once we insert it into the jawbone, we will usually wait for osseointegration to take place before we move forward.


Osseointegration is the process in which the post bonds with the jawbone. When we lose teeth, the body notices the missing root and suspends the flow of key nutrients to the jawbone. Without these doses of calcium and phosphorus, the bone tissue begins to break down, causing further tooth loss and over time, an aged appearance. However, since the body sees the titanium posts as natural roots, the flow of nutrients resumes. The growth of jawbone tissue is stimulated, and you preserve your facial structure and surrounding teeth.

Restoration and Prosthetic Placement

After osseointegration takes place, which usually requires between three and four months, we move on with the visible portion of your new tooth. For an individual dental implant, we will attach a crown using an abutment. The crown will be created from durable and lifelike materials, so it can absorb daily bite forces, provide a dependable chewing surface, and also look natural. We even tint them to blend with the rest of your smile. If you have lost several teeth, we will insert multiple posts and attach a bridge, partial, or even full denture.

Same Day Placement

In some cases, we can place the new root and the restoration in the same visit, so you leave with a whole and beautiful smile! If you have any questions about the implant process, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Implant Dentistry?

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