How To Save An At-Risk Tooth

How To Save An At-Risk ToothIf your goal is to retain your teeth throughout your lifetime, you have to take care of them. Preventive maintenance is the best way to reduce your risk for cavities and preserve your teeth for the future. Taking care of your teeth may also mean seeking proper restorative treatment after your teeth have sustained damage. Your at-risk teeth can pose a health risk to your other teeth and oral tissues. When a cavity cannot restore the damage done by infection, you may need root canal therapy. This can save your tooth from extraction and preserve your oral health.

Tooth Decay Puts Your Tooth at Risk Over Time

Tooth decay gets worse the longer it is left untreated. Tooth decay starts with the formation of bacterial plaques on the surfaces of your teeth. These plaques may be dark in color. The clusters of bacteria produce harmful acid that erodes your dental enamel. In time, this action will form a cavity. Without treatment, the cavity will continue to get deeper and more extensive. Eventually, the bacteria will spread to your root canals. From here, your tooth may become abscessed, and the bacteria may spread to other oral tissues. Root canal therapy prevents that from happening.

Root Canal Therapy Extracts Infection from an At-Risk Tooth

During a root canal therapy procedure, your dentist will carefully access the interior of your root canal. That means making a small hole on the exterior of your tooth root. Then, your dentist will gently extract the infected tissue from inside your root canals, preventing it from spreading any further into your tooth, or to your other oral tissues. Next, your dentist will smooth the interior surface of your tooth and fill the opening with a strong composite, to prevent bacteria from reentering in the future.

Root Canal Therapy Can Preserve a Tooth’s Structure

Your tooth’s root system provides it with stability and durability. Those roots allow you to chew comfortably, and they keep your teeth aligned. That’s why preserving healthy root structure is so crucial. Root canal therapy can often achieve this goal for teeth that have sustained a serious infection. If a tooth’s roots become damaged beyond repair, the tooth may need to be extracted. Then, your dentist can help you choose a dental prosthetic to replace the missing tooth.

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