Rebuild Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Rebuilding Your Smile After Tooth LossTooth loss takes away both the function and appearance of your teeth. It may also take away your confidence. Missing teeth cause individuals to feel self-conscious and reclusive in social situations. Dental prosthetics, like a dental bridge, can replace missing teeth and rebuild your smile. This, in turn, can restore your confidence. Rebuilding your smile after tooth loss is about more than just cosmetics, though. Replacing missing teeth will improve the wellbeing of your remaining natural teeth, and it can secure your long-term oral health. Here’s how a dental bridge can help.

Dental Bridges Replace a Single Tooth or a Series of Missing Teeth

Your dentist can use dental bridges to address both individual tooth loss, and a sequence of missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns on either end, and a sequence of replacement teeth, known as “pontics.” The dental crowns fit over healthy natural teeth and hold the pontics in place. This gives your dental bridge stability when you chew. Your dentist will ensure that the teeth on either end of your missing teeth have a healthy enough root structure to support a bridge. This may involve additional restorative treatment to remove any infection.

A Dental Bridge Rebuilds Your Smile Esthetically

The pontics in a dental bridge will recreate the appearance of your natural smile. Pontics are fabricated using dental porcelain, which can match the color and shine of a natural tooth. They are also fabricated based on specifications measured from your mouth, meaning the bridge will be customized for you. Your bridge will fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and fit comfortably alongside your natural teeth. You won’t have to hide your smile after receiving a dental bridge. You can comfortably show off your teeth to the rest of the world once again.

The Dental Bridge Also Stabilizes Your Bite

Your dental bridge does more than rebuild the appearance of your smile. Your complete sequence of natural teeth keeps itself in alignment. That means that when one tooth is missing, the other teeth will start to shift. Your remaining natural teeth may move toward the gap left by the missing tooth. This can throw your bite out of alignment and create additional, premature wear on your teeth. A dental bridge fills in this gap and prevents your teeth from shifting, all while allowing you to chew food comfortably.

Receive a Dental Bridge in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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