Restore Your Cavities As Soon As Possible

Restore Your Cavities As Soon As PossibleCavities are the beginning of a larger oral health issue. They are the product of infection. When bacteria build up on the surfaces of your teeth (which is a totally natural occurrence), they begin to produce a corrosive acid that wears away at your enamel. This is why it’s so important to consistently brush and floss your teeth. You’re removing the bacterial buildup before the acid has a chance to wear down your enamel. If you don’t clean your teeth, the acid may eventually create a hole — a cavity. You need to restore this cavity with proper dental treatment as soon as possible to avoid more issues.

You Can Restore Cavities with Dental Fillings

To restore the cavity created by bacterial activity, you need to fill the hole. That’s precisely what a dental filling is. A dental filling uses a durable, toothlike material to repair the hole created by bacteria. Your dentist will first clean out your cavity — removing all the infected tissue and sterilizing the infection site. Then, your dentist will use dental porcelain or resin to fill your cavity. This malleable material will contour to the cavity when poured. Once it sets, the material will be hard and durable, just like natural dental enamel.

Untreated Cavities Get Worse with Time

If you’re someone who’s apprehensive about visiting the dentist, or you want to try to wait out your cavities, you’re going to be frustrated by the results. Tooth decay is a progressive condition, so the longer you leave it untreated, the worse it will get. Untreated cavities will lead to infections deeper inside the tooth. As the bacteria reaches past the enamel and into the dentin and pulp, the infection spreads much quicker and becomes more painful. Eventually, the bacteria will reach your root canals, creating a much larger issues for your oral health.

Dental Fillings Stop Infection and Restore Your Smile

A dental filling can mitigate the overall damage you experience from an oral infection. When treated promptly, cavities don’t pose a major risk to the viability of your teeth, while more serious infections do. A dental filling repairs the hole left in your tooth, and allows you to chew food comfortably and smile with confidence. When your dentist makes your filling using a lifelike material, others won’t even notice that you’ve had fillings. This is the best way to keep your smile and your oral health on track.


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