Tooth Restoration That Works

Tooth Restoration That WorksRestorative dentistry is the practice of recovering from oral health issues. There are many different restorative treatments that your dentist can use to help you overcome the effects of tooth decay, gum disease, and natural accidents. One of the most versatile tools that your dentist has at their disposal is the dental crown. Dental crowns preserve natural tooth structure and appearance in cases of serious damage. Dental crowns create a tooth restoration that works immediately, while also protecting your oral health for the future. (more…)

And End To The Frustration Of Tooth Loss

And End To The Frustration Of Tooth LossTooth loss creates frustrations for anyone who experiences it. The complications that come from tooth loss range from the physical to the mental. You’ll naturally experience a change in how you chew and eat foods. You may also suffer psychological pain and social discomfort as the result of tooth loss. Further, tooth loss can impact the health of your remaining teeth as well. That’s why it’s important to meet tooth loss head-on, with prosthetic dental solutions. Using dentures or a dental bridge, you can put an end to the frustration of tooth loss. (more…)

Don’t Let Your Smile Suffer

Don’t Let Your Smile SufferTooth decay is a progressive condition that affects the health and appearance of your teeth. Over time, tooth decay can spread deep inside your tooth and infect the inner layers of tissue that keep your tooth vital. To prevent this from happening, you have to address tooth decay promptly. Dental fillings can prevent infection from spreading deeper inside your tooth. If the infection reaches your root canals before you seek treatment, you need to seek root canal therapy. This treatment option can remove deep infection and prevent the need for extraction. Don’t let your smile suffer from tooth decay, treat the problem promptly. (more…)

Restore Your Cavities As Soon As Possible

Restore Your Cavities As Soon As PossibleCavities are the beginning of a larger oral health issue. They are the product of infection. When bacteria build up on the surfaces of your teeth (which is a totally natural occurrence), they begin to produce a corrosive acid that wears away at your enamel. This is why it’s so important to consistently brush and floss your teeth. You’re removing the bacterial buildup before the acid has a chance to wear down your enamel. If you don’t clean your teeth, the acid may eventually create a hole — a cavity. You need to restore this cavity with proper dental treatment as soon as possible to avoid more issues. (more…)

Dental Veneers May Surprise You

Dental Veneers May Surprise YouThe appearance of your smile has a significant effect on your self-perception. If you’re not confident in your teeth, you may feel hesitant to smile in social settings, or you may avoid them altogether. This can impact the choices you make in your life and how you enjoy yourself. That may sound lofty, but it’s true! You deserve to have a smile that you love — one that gives you confidence in social settings. Cosmetic dental treatments, like porcelain dental veneers, can transform your smile to give you the appearance you want. Here’s how this cosmetic treatment works. (more…)

Dental Bonding and Contouring Provide Multiple Benefits

Dental Bonding and Contouring Provide Multiple BenefitsThe appearance of your smile can have a dramatic impact on your self image and your confidence in social settings. You deserve to have a smile that you’re proud to share with the world. You’re not stuck with the current shape and orientation of your teeth. Cosmetic dental procedures are designed to augment your existing tooth structure and appearance to create a more appealing esthetic. A pair of treatments, dental bonding and contouring, not only improve the overall appearance of your smile, but they also can add functional benefits to your teeth. Here are the multiple benefits that these treatments provide. (more…)

Teeth Whitening Treatment Invigorates Your Smile

Teeth Whitening Treatment Invigorates Your SmileYour smile can be a source of confidence and comfort in social settings. If your teeth have worn down and yellowed over time, your smile may become a source of stress and angst. The appearance of your smile comes down to the health and alignment of your teeth, but also the shade. While the health and alignment are largely within your control, the color of your teeth may not be. Most individuals experience the yellowing or discoloration of teeth over time. The natural process can typically be reversed with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Here’s how teeth whitening treatment can invigorate your smile. (more…)

Checkups and Cleanings Preserve Teeth

Checkups and Cleanings Preserve Teeth

Checkups and Cleanings Preserve Teeth

Your oral health is a long game. To ensure a lifetime of healthy, functional teeth, you need to care for your teeth and gums consistently. Daily care routines remove bacterial buildup and prevent issues like cavities and gingivitis from forming. Even if you don’t see a problem visually, bacteria may still be present. That’s why brushing twice per day, flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist every six months are all part of a sustainable oral health care routine. Making dental appointments for checkups and cleanings will go a long way toward preserving your teeth. (more…)

What Modern Dental Tech Does For You

What Modern Dental Tech Does For YouTechnology is designed to make our lives easier. Innovations in technology often add convenience, comfort, or both. You may not think about it, but dental technology has advanced over time just like any other form of technology. Modern dental technology includes important innovations that improve your experience as a patient. Changes to imaging technology, dental restorations, and even dental instruments allow you to receive dental care that is more comfortable and more thorough. Does your dentist utilize modern technology? Here are some modern dental technologies and what they can do for you. (more…)

Address Your Occlusal Disease

Address Your Occlusal DiseaseWhen your oral health is at its best, not only are you cavity-free, but your whole mouth works together in synchronized fashion. Your teeth should fit together so that you chew efficiently, without causing additional wear. If your teeth are misaligned and your bite doesn’t fit together quite right, you may have a condition called “occlusal disease.” This disease creates harmful misalignments that can actually cause your teeth to erode their own enamel with use. This can lead to premature oral health conditions and a need for additional restorations or implants. If you are suffering from occlusal disease, full-mouth rehabilitation can provide a solution. (more…)