Rebuild Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Rebuilding Your Smile After Tooth LossTooth loss takes away both the function and appearance of your teeth. It may also take away your confidence. Missing teeth cause individuals to feel self-conscious and reclusive in social situations. Dental prosthetics, like a dental bridge, can replace missing teeth and rebuild your smile. This, in turn, can restore your confidence. Rebuilding your smile after tooth loss is about more than just cosmetics, though. Replacing missing teeth will improve the wellbeing of your remaining natural teeth, and it can secure your long-term oral health. Here’s how a dental bridge can help. (more…)

How To Save An At-Risk Tooth

How To Save An At-Risk ToothIf your goal is to retain your teeth throughout your lifetime, you have to take care of them. Preventive maintenance is the best way to reduce your risk for cavities and preserve your teeth for the future. Taking care of your teeth may also mean seeking proper restorative treatment after your teeth have sustained damage. Your at-risk teeth can pose a health risk to your other teeth and oral tissues. When a cavity cannot restore the damage done by infection, you may need root canal therapy. This can save your tooth from extraction and preserve your oral health. (more…)

Repairing Cavities to Save Your Teeth

Repairing Cavities to Save Your TeethFinding out that you have developed a cavity in one of your teeth can be deflating and upsetting. In fact, fear of that revelation will prevent some individuals from attending regular dental appointments. Visiting your dentist every six months is actually the best way to prevent cavities from forming, and to repair the damage done by them! Repairing your cavities can actually save your teeth. Dental fillings restore the integrity of your teeth and their appearance. Don’t  wait to address cavities, because the longer they go untreated, the more damage they will do. (more…)

Three Ways Porcelain Veneers Enhance Your Smile

Teeth smile female beauty portrait woman face cute smile veneers natural make up happy peopleMaking sure to practice excellent preventive care at home coupled with attending regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings are the crux of maintaining a healthy smile for life. While this is true, other factors must be taken into consideration as well, including diet and beverage consumption, as some substances are more harmful for your grin than others. In fact, they decrease the strength in each tooth, making it easier for them to endure chips, cracks, and more. Though this is an unfavorable situation, your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist at Stadium Dental & Orthodontics can help by offering three ways porcelain veneers can enhance your grin.


We Can See You For Dental Emergencies

rancho cucamonga dental emergencyWhat is a dental emergency? Basically, any injury or damage to your teeth or gums that isn’t potentially life threatening is a dental emergency, and one that needs immediate attention from your dentist. In today’s blog, your Rancho Cucamonga, CA, dentist is looking at how we identify and treat common dental emergencies, and what you can do to ease your discomfort until we see you.


The Importance of Dental Cleanings During the Holidays

Amused pretty girl with curly Afro hair, raises palms, has cheerful expression, smiles broadly, sees something funny, wears white sweater, isolated on blue background. Happy emotions conceptThanksgiving is in just a few days and many families are jubilant and ready to chow down on some delicious holiday favorites. From turkey to stuffing, pies and cranberry sauce, and everything in-between, people prepare to load their plates and try not to fall asleep during the game after eating. While this may be a fun and relaxing time for many, it is important to make sure we don’t become too lax in other areas, such as our oral health. Your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist at Stadium Dental and Orthodontics is prepared to shed some light on the importance of receiving dental cleanings during the holidays.