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Invisalign On Halloween: 3 Things To Remember

Guess what? Halloween is definitely fun. You know this. It can even be a day that you thoroughly enjoy without completely destroying your smile or the Invisalign treatment you’ve been so dedicatedly working your way through on a daily basis. This, you might not have known. So, you’re in luck! If you had any fears,… Read more »

Tips For Maintaining Clear Invisalign Trays! 

When you receive Invisalign treatment trays, you’re not getting clear trays to help align your smile just for fun! Instead, of the major benefits and reasons you follow through with this treatment has to do with the fact that because they are clear, they are nearly impossible to see. So, you know that you’re guiding… Read more »

Move Those Teeth With Invisalign: It’s Worth It

Are you thinking about choosing a treatment that will move your teeth, so they aren’t crooked, spaced, or too tightly packed together? Are you looking for some way to address your cross bite or your open or underbite? When you’re unhappy with your smile’s alignment, you may recognize that what you’d like is a smile… Read more »

When Teeth Don’t Seem To Fit Together

We often see patients who feel their teeth don’t fit together properly. What to think of this, you wonder? Should your bite balance always feel perfect, as though your top and bottom teeth were molded and shaped perfectly for them to fit together just right? The answer from a dental perspective is yes. It promotes… Read more »

Invisalign: Deciding Whether You’re Ready

It’s not necessarily about whether you like the idea of a straighter smile or if you think Invisalign treatment will work well for your grin. Sometimes, it can just feel difficult to know whether you’re ready to move forward or not. Choosing to align your smile isn’t a tiny decision. To the contrary, it can… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Quick Tips

There’s something about Invisalign treatment that makes it seem very simple at first but then brings up a lot of questions. Perhaps it’s the fact that it nearly seems too good to be true. Oh, and the fact that it’s removable, so you must absolutely remain dedicated to appropriate wear and care. Do you think… Read more »

Invisalign: Keeping Those Trays Safe!

When you receive Invisalign treatment, it’s a very exciting process because you know you’re headed toward a smile that will look beautiful and feel fantastic. However, we discover that patients commonly also find the process to be a bit nerve-wracking. After all, you want to do everything correctly, so your treatment works as effectively and… Read more »

Invisalign: Q&A About Candidacy

Fantasizing about aligning your smile and then actually finding out about Invisalign treatment candidacy are two very different things. So different, in fact, that some patients put off coming in to learn about whether they qualify simply because they are worried that they won’t. The wonderful news is that Invisalign is generally a treatment that… Read more »