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How Do We Repair Damaged Smiles?

While we may not be offering cosmetic procedures or preventive treatments right now, our office is still here for emergency issues, like damaged teeth or cases of decay or infection. In today’s blog, your Rancho Cucamonga, CA, dentist explains how we repair damaged teeth and ensure a bright and beauty smile afterward.

Taking Care Of Dental Emergencies

While many of us have probably thought about how to prepare for some emergency situations with more obvious solutions, dental emergencies can feel a bit more ambiguous in definition and solutions. Some may be easy to identify, but others can be more difficult, as you may not be sure if your pain or situation is… Read more »

Dental Care You Can Receive ASAP 

You might think that no matter what, when you need dental care, it’s something that’s going to take a long time to plan out and then once you see us, it will be yet another long-term chapter until you can see the results your smile requires! However, when you become a patient of our Rancho… Read more »

Who-Related Inquiries About Your Smile

You may have some things you’d really like to know about dental care and in most cases, they have to do with “who” questions. Generally speaking, this is because you wonder if you are going to qualify for certain treatments, you wonder if you need a particular service you have heard about but would really… Read more »

My Teeth Hurt Too Much To Eat!

So, you find yourself dealing with some significant discomfort. It’s so serious, in fact, that it seems that you cannot successfully eat without pain and with some intense frustration. The first thing that you need to recognize is that this is not something that happens to everyone (or that you may overlook or try to… Read more »

When You Might Need A Medical Doctor

In most cases, when something seems to be wrong with your oral health, we suggest that you schedule a visit to come see us, your dental team. However, there might be times when it’s best to head to your general practitioner for the help you need. Of course, beginning with a dental checkup is usually… Read more »

FAQs: About Emergency Dental Care

When you think you need emergency dental care, we are here to repair your smile and send you home with rescued oral health. However, figuring out whether you’re a candidate for an emergency visit and what you can expect might keep you from picking up the phone! If you have questions, we always urge you… Read more »

Can I Avoid An Emergency With Prevention?

When you think about dental emergencies, you might usually think about the most extreme accidents possible. While out-of-the-blue and unexpected traumas often occur, there is also a long list of culprits that you can, in fact, prevent. Allow us to explain the ways you can keep preventive care on your side, so your smile stays… Read more »