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Suggestions For Protecting Implants

Dental implants provide patients with a host of exceptional benefits. It is only natural to feel worried about your implants once they are in place – the last thing you want is to find out that you may make an easily avoidable misstep, resulting in serious damage. Or, you may feel unsure about what to… Read more »

Bonding, Filling, Or Crown?

If you are at all familiar with these treatments, you know that bonding, fillings, and dental crowns offer tooth repair. What you may not feel so certain about, however, is which treatment is appropriate for your particular type of tooth damage. What if you have simply chipped a tooth but it isn’t affecting your oral… Read more »

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns: FAQs

When you break a tooth or something else causes you to require comprehensive tooth coverage, you will be happy to learn that we offer beautiful dental crowns to solve your problem. This likely lifts your spirits and offers you immediate relief until you start wondering what to expect from that crown. The good news is… Read more »

Benefits Of Dental Cleanings

It’s become common knowledge that the best way to keep your smile clean is by visiting us for six-month dental cleanings (and taking care of your teeth at home, of course). However, have you ever given much thought to the many benefits that accompany your cleanings? Sure, your teeth will feel good and look nice… Read more »

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Checkup

Before you visit us for your twice-annual dental checkup, it’s often a good idea to ask yourself some questions. By the time you make it to our office and become distracted by our own questions, the sights, and the sounds of the dental practice, it can become pretty easy to forget those pressing inquiries you… Read more »

Learn More About Dental Crown Types

If you know anything about crowns, you know that a dental crown is a prosthetic tooth with a hollow body that fits over your natural tooth. While the benefits of this restorative treatment are easy to understand – the full coverage of the artificial tooth offers exceptional protection, support, and coverage – you may not… Read more »

Common Sleep Apnea Contributors

Are you an individual suffering from sleep apnea? If so, have you given much thought to why you’re experiencing this sleep disorder or do you assume it’s just one of those things that affects you and many other people without a particular underlying reason? The good news is that there are some common contributors that… Read more »

Dental Cleanings: What To Expect

There are some aspects of taking care of your smile with which you are probably extremely well versed in. For instance, the subtle nuances of brushing your teeth and flossing is likely not lost on you since you’re the one performing these tasks. You can see and feel the immediate results on a daily basis…. Read more »

Your Dental Checkup Is A Good Time To…

If you think that a dental checkup is a time when we inspect your mouth to ensure all is healthy, then you’ve got a solid handle on what to expect from this preventive treatment. However, you can get even more out of your checkup if you so desire. Did you know that your preventive visit… Read more »

General Dentistry: What Is It?

Like most of our patients, you are probably concerned with what you can do to keep your smile in excellent health and beauty. The good news is that general dentistry includes the treatments you need to maintain a wonderful smile that feels good and looks good. True, you will need to continue brushing and flossing… Read more »