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Dental Checkups: A Quiz

You know from experience that we expect to see you once every six months for your dental checkup. But do you have any idea why we want to see you twice a year? Are you even sure what happens during a checkup? By becoming more informed about this preventive treatment and how it benefits your… Read more »

Advanced Imaging Dental Technology: Your Questions

When it comes to taking a closer look at the structures that make up and support your oral cavity – such as your teeth, gums, jawbone, and more – we cannot always see everything with our eyes alone. Sometimes, we need to take a detailed look with advanced imaging. Thanks to dental technology, we offer… Read more »

About Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We recognize that patients with extensive oral health problems and damage often feel too embarrassed to come see us. While you may make assumptions about the way you will be perceived, we would like to reassure you that we are excited to meet every patient who walks through our doors. Every individual’s journey through oral… Read more »

Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign: Fast Facts

Patients often visit us because they feel displeased with the alignment of their smiles but they are afraid they will end up with a mouth full of metal braces. Fortunately, we offer something much less obvious that lends wonderful results. Learn more about Invisalign treatment for a beautifully aligned smile if you are worried about… Read more »

Crowns, Inlays, Onlays: What You Should Know

Breaking a tooth or dealing with a large cavity can be a scary experience. This is especially true when you feel the urgency to take care of the situation but you are not quite sure what to expect. Fortunately, problems that seem overwhelming to you are often something that we can address with restorative dentistry…. Read more »

Is A Dental Bridge Right For You?

When it comes to replacing teeth, making the right choice can feel overwhelming. You want to make sure you are thinking through every aspect of what it takes to restore your smile. Even making decisions regarding a single missing tooth can begin to make you feel torn in several directions. Fortunately, by learning more abut individual… Read more »

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Have you been diagnosed with a tooth infection? If so, we have likely suggested a root canal treatment to restore your tooth’s health. However, just because we have offered a diagnosis and treatment suggestion does not mean you necessarily feel completely enthusiastic about scheduling a visit. Because restorative care for a dental infection is extremely… Read more »

Good, Better, Best Brushing Habits

We encourage patients to visit us once every six month for dental cleanings and checkups. Consistent preventive care promotes long-term health by ensuring your teeth are clean and free from plaque and that your supportive oral structures are in excellent condition. However, prevention includes more than just twice-annual trips to see us. Did you know… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you found out that your daily fatigue or mood concerns stem from sleep apnea? If so, seeking sleep apnea treatment to improve your daily quality of life is essential. The sooner you visit us for care, the sooner you can enjoy a boost of energy and the knowledge that those annoying symptoms, like poor… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry: Q&A

You have probably heard the adage “prevention is the best medicine” more times than you can count. You probably even agree with the idea that avoiding disease or disorders is a much more efficient approach to health than trying to fix problems once they occur. When it comes to the importance of preventive dentistry, however,… Read more »