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TMJ Improvements: Let Us Handle Those, Please!

Some patients discover that they are dealing with TMJ problems only when they come in for dental checkups with our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team (symptoms may occasionally prove somewhat silent or a bit confusing!). Others can recognize that they are having trouble with their jaw joints, simply by paying attention to obvious symptoms that do… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Stuff You Completely Overlook!

When you think about your TMJ disorder and where it came from (and what might make it worse), there are some things that you can easily come up with in terms of culprits. You know that you shouldn’t be using all of your might to carry things with your teeth or to break things apart…. Read more »

4 Reasons To Address Your Stress: Smile Edition 

When you deal with stress of any kind, you may assume that it’s just par for the course in life and ignore it. As a result, rather that choose to do something about the issue, you may try to overlook tension, upset, and any other issue associated with what can turn into general smile-related stress,… Read more »

Your Dentist Says: Don’t Forget Your Jaws

When you think of oral health, is tooth brushing the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe flossing? Preventive care like checkups and cleanings? All those things are right on the mark, but there are other oral structures that need to be working correctly for comfortable chewing and pain-free days and nights. If you have… Read more »

3 Chewing Concerns To Change ASAP

You might not think a whole lot about your chewing as it relates to your oral health. That is, until we start talking with you about some habits you may be performing that can actually lead to problems with your chewing. Then again, you may realize something is wrong all on your own if any… Read more »

Are You In Pain Because Of A Teeth Grinding Habit?

When you already have a busy schedule ahead of you, lingering aches and pains can be an unwelcome intrusion. Of course, there is never really a right time to deal with problems like headaches, jaw pain and stiffness, or dental sensitivity. You might not realize it, but the reason for your frequent feelings of discomfort… Read more »

Why Protect Your TMJs?

Obviously, nobody wants to find themselves suffering from an oral health problem like TMJ disorder. However, it’s entirely possible that you may wonder why addressing an issue with your jaw joints is so pressing. After all, a lot of people deal with a popping jaw every now and then. Furthermore, we may have detected early… Read more »

Q&A: Professional Bruxism Treatment

When faced with a need for bruxism treatment, patients often find themselves asking multiple questions. For some, the question of whether treatment is necessary arises. For others, more focus is placed on what to expect from treatment itself. Keep in mind that a visit with us will ensure you receive the exhaustive, detailed information you… Read more »

Quiz: Familiar With TMJ Disorder Symptoms?

How familiar would you say you have become with TMJ disorder symptoms? Perhaps you have been doing some light (or very heavy) reading up on this functional disorder because you’ve noticed some changes with your oral health. Or, maybe we have recently diagnosed with you with TMD and you’re on the road toward receiving treatment. In… Read more »

TMJ Protection: 3 Things To Avoid

When you learn that you are straining your jaw joints – also referred to commonly as your TMJs – you may immediately wonder what you can do to reduce the stress. Fortunately, if you are suffering from TMJ problems, we can treat the problem with comfortable, gentle TMJ disorder treatment that is completely noninvasive. As for… Read more »