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How To Achieve A Valentine’s Day Smile Makeover

When musing over how you can look your best this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget your smile! A beautiful smile can give you an instant boost in your overall confidence levels, and, no matter your starting point, anyone can achieve a full, gorgeous smile. At Stadium Dental, we want everyone to smile confidently, so, if you… Read more »

Invisalign On Halloween: 3 Things To Remember

Guess what? Halloween is definitely fun. You know this. It can even be a day that you thoroughly enjoy without completely destroying your smile or the Invisalign treatment you’ve been so dedicatedly working your way through on a daily basis. This, you might not have known. So, you’re in luck! If you had any fears,… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Stuff You Completely Overlook!

When you think about your TMJ disorder and where it came from (and what might make it worse), there are some things that you can easily come up with in terms of culprits. You know that you shouldn’t be using all of your might to carry things with your teeth or to break things apart…. Read more »

Tips For Maintaining Clear Invisalign Trays! 

When you receive Invisalign treatment trays, you’re not getting clear trays to help align your smile just for fun! Instead, of the major benefits and reasons you follow through with this treatment has to do with the fact that because they are clear, they are nearly impossible to see. So, you know that you’re guiding… Read more »

3 Important Things To Consider: Your Bad Breath

There are some seriously important things you’re going to need to consider if you are dealing with bad breath. Not the type of breath issue that comes from eating a powerful tasting pepperoni pizza, the seasonings of which seem to linger with you for longer than expected. Instead, our Rancho Cucamonga, CA team is talking… Read more »

Stains In Strange Places: What To Do?

There’s all over yellowing and discoloration, which isn’t something that most patients find alarming. Instead, when this happens, we generally find that our Rancho Cucamonga, CA patients visits us and complain of stained smiles and a desire for cosmetic dental care. However, when stained dental tissue isn’t displayed in equal uniformity throughout one’s grin but… Read more »

3 Ways To Make Your Smile Look Better

Good news: If you were under the impression that you just might be stuck with your smile as it is right now but you were really hoping to find a way to make it look better, there are lots of roads toward improvement, including but not limited to cosmetic dental care! Before you assume you… Read more »

Yes, That Can Cause Smile Stains!

You may have thought you had it all figured out when it comes to where smiles stains come from. However, perhaps you heard someone say something to the effect of, “White wine can definitely cause stains!” which went against everything you thought you knew! Is this true, you wonder (Hint: It is!). To learn more,… Read more »