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What’s The Deal With Water Flossers?

There are many contraptions you will see in your lifetime. Some may be quite obvious immediately. Others may leave you scratching your head. When it comes to the presence of water flossers in the dental hygiene aisle, well, this often elicits a variety of responses. While you may be able to rely on your detective… Read more »

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

When it comes to receiving dental X-rays, you may find yourself on two sides of the issue. First, you might recognize that advanced technology in a dental practice is certainly something that lets you know we are up-to-date with all that is available to help protect your oral health. Then, however, you might start wondering… Read more »

Dental Technology Quiz

How familiar do you think you are with the advanced dental technology that we incorporate into your dental care? Are you quite certain about what makes digital X-rays different from conventional X-rays? Do you know why we suggest certain modes of advanced imaging or how exactly we go about showing you an image of your… Read more »